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NH Residential & Commercial Land Surveying and Septic System Services
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About S&H Land Services
S&H Land Services, LLC is a small, veteran owned, full service Land Surveying firm located in Manchester NH. We have built our company model by blending our combined 25 years of Land Surveying experience with the latest technology. Our goal is to deliver a cost effective, timely and professionally prepared product.

As Built Survey
The as built survey is performed to locate the structure once the footing or foundation is poured. The location is then added to the plan and certified by the licensed Land Surveyor as to whether or not it complies with the current zoning requirements of the Town.

Boundary Surveys
Boundary Surveys and Lot Line Stake Outs are Used…when there's a dispute between neighbors regarding their boundaries, to determine boundaries before a building project or tree clearing, when a homeowner is unsure of his or her boundaries, to identify encroachments on your property, to set missing lot corners

Commercial Septic
If you're developing land for a commercial project, you need effective septic design that you can count on to perform flawlessly for years to come. Regardless of project size or complexity, S&H Land Services will quickly and efficiently provide the septic design necessary for your commercial property.

Floodplain Elevation Certs
NH Residential Land Surveying, New Hampshire Commercial Land Surveying, Septic System ServicesEven if your property is within the flood plain, you still have options. There's a chance that not all of your property is at risk. Your home may be above the Base Flood Elevation. Through surveying, we can determine this. If there is a Base Flood Elevation in your area we can provide the surveying services necessary to complete an Elevation certificate to help you try to reduce or eliminate your insurance costs.

GPS Survey
GPS as it relates to surveying, is typically used to tie your property or proposed development onto various coordinate systems. This usually includes Town GIS systems and vertical datums for Flood Plain Certificates.

Home, S&H Land Services
When you need any land surveying or septic system services, you want someone reliable, experienced, and affordable. S&H Land Services delivers a cost effective, timely and professionally prepared product. We're experienced with projects of all sizes, from a residential boundary survey for a homeowner to large subdivisions and commercial projects. We do it all, and we do it in the most cost efficient and professional manner.

Land Assessment
Are you wondering what you can do with your land in New Hampshire? Maybe you're thinking about subdividing your property, or perhaps you're interested in commercial development. In any of these cases, you need a professional to assess the development potential of your property, and S&H Land Services can help by providing a free assessment of your property.

Residential Septic
Whether you have a failing septic system that needs an in-kind replacement or you need an entirely new system designed, S&H Land Services will give you high quality service that's honest and dependable. For more information on residential septic service in New Hampshire, please don't hesitate to contact us.

RFQ, S&H Land Services
Get a custom quote on New Hampshire land surveying or septic system services now!

Septic Design
At S&H land services, we provide septic system designs for both residential and commercial systems. We provide designs for new construction as well as existing septic systems that have failed.

Septic Services
At S&H Land Services, we're experts when it comes to commercial and residential septic system designs. With over 500 septic systems designed for residential and commercial clients across New Hampshire, you can be sure that you get the expertise and quality service you're looking for.

Subdivision Plans
People subdivide their property for different reasons. However, no matter what size your property is — we put our expertise to work to make the subdivision process as simple as possible. We will give you a free assessment of the development potential of your property prior to starting any work. We will state all issues and costs that we anticipate up-front. The following are considered types of subdivisions in NH.

Surveying Services
NH Residential Land Surveying, New Hampshire Commercial Land Surveying, Septic System ServicesS&H Land Services performs the land surveying you need in New Hampshire. Whether it's a boundary survey, subdivision, lot line stakeout, variance plan, elevation certificate or an existing conditions plan for a large commercial development, we can help.

Testimonials, S&H Land Services
“I wish that every contractor I hired gave me the quality service that S&H did. They were the most up front and professional of the other contractors who bid on our project. They gave me their best number the first time and didn't pull any gimmicks. Tom was very helpful and went the extra mile to make sure that we were completely satisfied with their service.”

Topographic Survey
A topographic survey is performed to show the boundaries, all improvements, topography, structures, wetlands, utilities, inverts and any other man made or natural features on your property.

Veteran Owned Small Business
As a veteran owned business, we never back down from a challenging project and take full advantage of our expertise to give you the results you need. That means we'll show up on time, give you the best service possible, and follow through until the job is done.

Waterfront Property / Site Assessment
Are you selling a waterfront property? If so, you may be required to have a waterfront property site assessment performed by a licensed septic system designer. S&H Land Services can help by providing you this service in a timely, professional and affordable manner.

Land Variance
Are you concerned about local ordinances preventing you from making an improvement or change to your property?

When it comes to your property and your municipality, making a change or addition to your home isn't always a simple process. If your local ordinances restrict a proposed change or improvement, a variance is your one way around them.

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