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New Hampshire Commercial Septic Systems

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Alt TagIf you're developing land for a commercial project, you need effective septic design that you can count on to perform flawlessly for years to come. Regardless of project size or complexity, S&H Land Services will quickly and efficiently provide the septic design necessary for your commercial property.

Commercial Septic Services from S&H Land Services Include:

Test Pits: A test pit is performed by digging a hole with an excavator, approximately six or seven feet deep, in the area of the proposed septic system. A licensed septic system designer then logs the soil morphology and determines the seasonal high water table.

Percolation Test: Often referred to as the "perc-test", measures the rate water moves through the soil on your property. This is one of the components used to size the leach bed area.

Site Survey: we survey the property to tie into the boundary, locate the physical features on your lot and set temporary benchmarks used in the construction of the system.

Design Drafting: Using all the data collected, we then design the system to show that it meets all of the town and state setback requirements, the type of components used for the new leach field, and the amount of sand material required.

Plan Submittal: The plans are delivered to the town for review and approval then taken to the state for final review and approval.

NH Residential Land Surveying, New Hampshire Commercial Land Surveying, Septic System ServicesCommercial Septic System Design Done Professionally

We've worked with a wide variety of businesses over the years and have learned that every commercial property's needs are different. With that in mind, we approach every project with a unique perspective. We will apply our knowledge and expertise to ensure all state and local regulations are met. We will take into consideration every special need your septic design must accommodate.

For more information on commercial septic service in New Hampshire, please don't hesitate to contact us.