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Variance Plans for Manchester and Southern NH

Full service variance planning and application service

Are you concerned about local ordinances preventing you from making an improvement or change to your property?

When it comes to your property and your municipality, making a change or addition to your home isn't always a simple process. If your local ordinances restrict a proposed change or improvement, a variance is your one way around them.

At S&H Land Services, we have the experience you need navigating the entire process. From preparing a plot plan and identifying any violations to actually completing, submitting, and presenting your application to your municipality.

Building an addition or upgrading your property should be exciting, not a hassle. By preparing a colored variance plan, representing you, and taking care of the entire process for you, our goal is to make obtaining a variance as streamlined as possible.

Can't I just build first and ask for forgiveness later?

Many times, homeowners will upgrade or alter their property without realizing they're breaking one or more town ordinances. The punishments and consequences of violating a town or ordinance vary from monetary fines to actually removing structures and improvements on your land. With this in mind, it's always worth avoiding the headache by checking your local ordinances and, if necessary, applying for a variance. Fortunately, we can help.

Why would I need to apply for a variance in New Hampshire?

If you're a home or landowner in New Hampshire and you would like to change or add any structure to your property, you must first ensure that your plans conform to your local zoning ordinances.

If your local ordinance requires a set-back from a boundary or a certain distance from shore for a lake-front property, a variance gives you the opportunity to have your improvement considered despite not conforming to the ordinance.

What kind of ordinances should I be concerned about?

If you want to build or improve your property in any way, you should always be concerned that your plans conform to local regulations. Typically, situations and ordinances that often require a variance involve abutting property, waterfront regulations, multi-unit dwellings, and the construction of an addition or garage.

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